ECO Green "Picks and Shovels"

The "Picks and Shovels" companies helping to build other Green ecology technologies

Wind power turbines, solar panels, and technology used in the production of biofuels from biomass.
List of Eco "Picks and Shovels" symbols : AMSC,BWEN.OB,COMV,EMKR,ENER,ENOC,FTEK,IRF,ORA,VRNM,ZOLT

These ECO Green companies are supplying the component parts or the "picks and shovels" helping to build other Green technologies such as wind power turbines, solar panels, and enzymes used in the production of biofuels from biomass. Their business model/products are often diversified working in numerous sectors. Such companies can be great growth candidates based on their niche products "everyone" uses and profits from their patent portfolios which pay royalties increasing share holder value.

Some notable mentions here are:

American Superconductor AMSC profile Makes products to increase electrical grid capacity and reliability; supplies electrical systems used in wind turbines; sells power electronic products that regulate wind farm voltage to enable their interconnection to the power grid.

EMCORE Corp.EMKR profile solar products, including compound semiconductor-based gallium arsenide solar cells and CPV components for use in solar power concentrator systems.

Energy Conversion Devices ENER profile Manufactures flexible thin-film solar photovoltaic modules, NiMH materials and batteries used in Hybrid cars. Has huge patent portfolio and licenses it's technology to many companies.

Verenium Corporation VRNM profile Engages in the development and commercialization of cellulosic ethanol, a renewable transportation fuel, as well as high-performance specialty enzymes for biofuels production.

Zoltek Inc. ZOLT profile Zoltek develops, manufactures, and markets carbon fibers used in wind power turbines.

6/27/08 - Wind power has new offerings for investment, 2 new ETF's FAN and PWND.
Other "wind exposure" stocks are KDN,AMSC,TRN,GE, OTTR . Wind is a global play, to prove this point see this wind index GWE and EXCELLENT list of stocks



Green eco friendly mutual funds research, description and combined list. 5/08 add ALTEX a new solar mutual fund to the list.

Eco-friendly mutual funds can provide green investment diversification, a simple way to own some of the leading individual solar, wind, biofuels and green consumer stocks discussed on this site. You can also gain exposure to great ECO focused companies based in Europe like wind power leader Vestas.

Simplify your due diligence research as we examine the major component company holdings in these leading ECO mutual fund portfolios. They are not created equal and vary significantly.

These funds break down into 2 classes of SRI (socially responsible investing) funds. Some funds actually invest in the companies producing ECO Green technologies, like wind, solar and biofuels, many others are simply investing in companies that promote sustainability and ECO Green values through their operations. This distinction can be HUGE in terms of your ECO investment philosophy. It is a positive when Microsoft and IBM adopt sustainability, but would you rather invest directly in solar, wind and biofuels?

The financial media works itself into a froth over ECO Green investment, but rarely makes the distinction of actual Green vs. adoption Green.

Five mutual funds that invest directly in ECO green technology producers :

For quote list of these 5 mutual funds that rise to the top based on ECO friendly approach:
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You may aslo consider these ETF's with similar holdings :
For the list of ECO ETF's that rise to the top based on ECO friendly approach:
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Alphabetical list of all ECO Green mutual funds by symbol :

CAAPX Ariel Mutual Funds. SRI company selection screen. Portfolio companies adopt green policies vs. producing actual green ECO products or services.

CGAEX Calvert Global Alternative Energy. Good exposure to many ECO Green leading companies. Largest holdings are wind and solar, 64% of the fund.

GAAEX Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy. Fund weighted to actual wind and solar companies.

GCBLX Green Century Balanced. GCEQX Green Century Equity. Investing in companies they believe are leading the way toward a greener future. SRI component.

NALFX New Alternatives Fund. Began operations in September 1982. Good exposure to many ECO Green leading companies.

NBSRX Neuberger Berman Socially Resp Investment. SRI focus. Tough website to navigate.

PAXWX Pax World Balanced. SRI focus. Pax World was founded in in 1971. Launched the first publicly available, socially responsible mutual fund.

PORTX Portfolio 21 Fund. Portfolio 21 invests in companies designing ecologically superior products, using renewable energy, and developing efficient production methods. Click here for in-depth analysis of PORTX

SCFSX Sierra Club Stock Fund. Broad SRI focus.

SPEGX Spectra Fund. Fund investing at least 80% of its net assets in equity securities of companies conduct their business in an environmentally sustainable manner.

WGGFX Winslow Green Growth. Portfolio weighted toward green building products, sustainable living and clean energy.